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Sell Dodge Grand Caravan: A Closer Look at Reliability & Resale Challenges

sell Dodge Grand Caravan

Here’s a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.5L V6 Braun Ability that we purchased in Antioch, CA. The Grand Caravan is notorious for being on the lesser side of reliability in the mini van family. The 3.5 Pentistar motor is notorious for having engine issues as early as 50k miles. Problems that are so severe that they require an entire engine rebuild, or replacing the motor completely.

Luckily this Grand Caravan only had 20k miles. The full wheelchair conversion on these types of vans cost almost as much as the van was brand new!! Sadly, the value of the conversion doesn’t hold in terms of resale. We were able to purchase this Dodge Grand Caravan fast and save our customer the trouble of finding the right buyer.

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