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How Long Does A Nissan Leaf Last And Should You Sell?

sell nissan leaf to we buy cars

Here’s a 2019 Nissan Leaf that we inspected in Redwood City, CA. Nissan, like all other makes, jumped on the bandwagon to make EV cars.  Unfortunately, like the majority of all other EV cars out there, the leaf was not built to last.  At just 100,000 miles, the main charging wiring gave out. Making the car pretty much worthless.  To have the car fixed, it would have cost our customer upwards of ten thousand dollars!!  And with the car being barely worth that with no issues, they knew that it was the better option to dump it. 

We were able to go to the Nissan dealership the car was at and get them an extremely generous value for it.  EV cars are eventually going to be the way to go, but right now the technology is too fresh for them to have the longevity that a gas car can have. We Buy Cars will give you cash for your car, running or not!

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