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We Buy Cars: The Cautionary Tale of a Troubled Fiat Spyder Convertible

We Buy Cars Fiat Spyder Convertible

Here’s a 2017 Fiat Spyder Convertible that we inspected in Orange County, CA.  Fiat reintroduced these cars in 2017 so they could try to compete with the sporty style car market.  Sadly, they flopped hard.  Fiat stands for (Fix It Again Tony) There are countless reports of people complaining about electrical issues, suspension issues, transmission problems, etc.  The list goes on! 

On this one we inspected it’s no surprise that there was a problem.  In this case the engine gave out at only 100k miles.  Rather than spending thousands on a new motor, our customer decided it was best to just get rid of the headache. We buy cars in any condition, we will buy your car and tow it away for free.

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