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When BMW Doesn’t Last, Call We Buy Cars

2015 BMW X5 Sold To We Buy Cars

Here’s a 2015 BMW X5 3.0 Diesel that we purchased in Palm Springs, CA.  BMWs are known for extreme luxury and performance, but at the cost or reliability.  Sadly, this vehicle’s motor blew up at only 90k miles.  One would think that a diesel motor should easily hit 300k+ miles, but unfortunately with BMW, the craftsmanship with it is subpar.  Keep in mind that luxury cars such as these come with the massive price tag of costly maintenance that other makes don’t have. The BMW dealership was trying to charge close to 20k to fix the issue!! 

We Buy Cars stepped in and gave the customer a fair quote and even towed the vehicle for free. We got this headache off our customer’s plate and he couldn’t have been happier. If you find yourself in a situation and need to sell your car, call us for a free quote!

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