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See what we did to this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 327 Convertible!

The diamond in the rough you see peeking out here was recently purchased by WeBuyCars.com.

Apparently owned by the same family for its entire life, she had promise​ and potential.

With a primer paint job and no signs of life mechanically, some would have called it an adventurous buy, others, a risky one. But ​we are always looking for an adventure, so we took the leap and went all in.

First things first, get her running, so off she went to our trusted mechanic. This was the make or break point of the purchase. If her insides had fallen prey to the ravages of time, she might have been in a hole too deep to ever get out of.

But ever lucky, webuycars.com bet on the right horse. After cleaning her fuel system, replacing the starter and rebuilding ​the ​carburetor, she started right up and purred like she hadn’t missed a day.​ ​But wait there’s more! To top it all off she had her original heart and legs. That is to say her transmission and her 327 V8 block were the ones she was born with, matching numbers and all.

Triumphant, WeBuyCars.com moved to finish the job, so off she went to the body shop!
I could describe what the outcome was but why bother when I can just show you.

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