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Back to the Future Day brings Back to the Future Cars!

Sell My Back To The Future Car DeLorean

We received an interesting customer today!

Created:  10/21/2015 11:05:53 AM
Owner:  We Buy Cars Customer Support Team
Chat URL:  https://www.webuycars.com/form

[WeBuyCars.com] Hi, what kind of car do you have?
[Visitor] 1982 DeLorean DMC-12
[WeBuyCars.com] Really?
[WeBuyCars.com] What city are you in?
[WeBuyCars.com] And you got my hopes up. I just saw your submission. That’s cruel
[Visitor] Petaluma, California
[WeBuyCars.com] Ok, runs well?
[Visitor] at 88 mph it quicker than time
[Visitor] Flux capacitor included
[WeBuyCars.com] Really?
[WeBuyCars.com] I mean it’s practically priceless, how can you put a price on it?
[Visitor] I have a lien holder… Doc Brown
[Visitor] I’ll have to check with him.
[WeBuyCars.com] I mean in the wrong hands… are you sure he wants to sell it or is it stolen?
[Visitor] My Name is Biff, it’s stolen, is that a problem?
[Visitor] Marty will never find it
[WeBuyCars.com] No Biff, I can’t really take it without a title.
[WeBuyCars.com] You might want to try the black market?
[Visitor] I’ll go back in time and get that, give me 3 days, I’ll reach back out
[WeBuyCars.com] Ok, sounds good. Best of luck!


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