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Looking To Sell A Land Rover Range Rover?

sale damaged land rover range rover

We just purchased yet another Land Rover Range Rover with a blown engine! This one was located in Costa Mesa, California. Even with only 47,000 miles! This particular model was a Land Rover Range Rover HSE V6 Turbo Diesel with a bad engine.

Generally speaking, Diesel engines are known for lasting hundreds of thousands of miles, however the Land Rover’s aren’t built like they used to be 20+ years ago. We usually tell our customers who are car shopping, German (BMW, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen & Mercedes) and British (Land Rover, Jaguar & Aston Martin) cars are “lease only”. They’re practically designed to fall apart after 5 years, or sooner.

Back to business, for this customer we went to the shop, inspected the car and drove to the customer’s office to pay them and do the paperwork. Our tow truck had it picked up the following day by 12pm! 

If you’re in Los Angeles or Orange County and you have a Land Rover Range Rover with a bad engine, don’t hesitate to call We Buy Cars. We Buy Cars with blown engines all over California, including the Bay Area.

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