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Sell Your Ford Explorer with Expired Registration and Smog Check Issues

2017 For Explorer sold to We Buy Cars

We just purchased this 2017 Ford Explorer base model with the 4 cylinder engine in Monterey, California. We had to use our battery jumper pack to start the vehicle to make sure the engine and transmission were in working order, which they were with only 57,000 miles.

Our customer just had back surgery and didn’t want to drive the car to smog and register it. Even if she had driven to the nearest Ford Dealership to sell the car, they might have turned her away for having expired registration fees.

Even with expired DMV fees we were able to purchase the vehicle. Most dealerships require that the vehicle have current registration, which can be tricky if your car doesn’t pass the smog check.

The reason for this is that on most vehicles there is a smog check required every two years when re-registering your vehicle with the DMV. If you don’t do the smog check or if you fail the smog check the DMV will not issue you new registration for the following year.

The good news is that we can buy cars that don’t pass smog and that have expired registration. We also come to you and can jump start your vehicle, if needed.

Call or chat with us at We Buy Cars to sell your “like new” car or your car that needs some love.

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