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Sell Your Camper with Ease: The Story of a 1997 VW Eurovan Camper

VW Eurovan Camper sold to We Buy Cars

Here’s a 1997 VW Eurovan Camper we just purchased in Alameda, CA. These have blown up as far as popularity in recent years due to the #van life. This particular one had the pop top roof with a full bed up top, a refrigerator, stovetop, etc. This truly is a van that you could comfortably take cross country and never have to stop.

Our customer was getting to that age where taking lengthy road trips was no longer something that could be done comfortably. Additionally, the van had a check engine light that was on, which prevented them from selling it privately. We were able to take all the headache of selling away from our customer, and she was happy to know the van was going to a good home.

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